St. Bartholomew's
Polyphony Choir

An amateur Catholic choir singing wonderful music for the Church's liturgies and open to all with a happy willingness to enter the necessary commitment


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St. Bartholomew's Catholic Church

159 Ellison Road, Streatham SW16 5DE - 020 8679 3545 - Contact the Choir HERE - Contact the Church HERE

Polyphony Choir Music

Forthcoming Music Summary

11:30 3 November 31st Sunday

11:30 24 November Christus Rex

11:30 1 December 1st Advent

Plainchant Choir Music

11:30 20 October 29th Sunday

11:30 10 November 32nd Sunday - Remembrance

11:30 15 December 3rd Advent

Hymn Choir Music

11:30 27 October 30th Sunday

11:30 17 November 33rd Sunday

11:30 29 December Holy Family

Sunday Masses

18:15 (Saturday) 08:30 10:00 11:30 17:00
No 17:00 Mass Easter Sunday or Christmas Day
For other Mass times, availability of Confessions, Newsletters and all other parish matters please refer to our Parish Website

Our Organ

Our FW Browne & Sons organ

St. Bartholomew's Orchestra

Our parish-based orchestra

Our Parish

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Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark - a Charitable Incorporated Organisation​ - Registered Incorporated Charity No. 1173050
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