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Details of the Organ

Donations in aid of the 2005 refurbishment and extension of the instrument
were gratefully received with the dedications below

Bernadette Potter RIP
Michelle Storace-Rutter RIP, Paul Storace-Rutter RIP
Archie Rigamonti-Jones RIP
St. Elphege's Junior School, Wallington
Giovanni & Maria Caterino
Jim & Maura Hughes
Angela Maria do Rosário Colaço Dias RIP
Doris Weeds
Thomas Roe RIP, Evelyn Roe RIP, Joseph Todd-Pokropek RIP, Jean Bush RIP
Jeannette, Joseph, Matthew, James, Christopher, Louise and Andrew Ryan
Jean and Mike Mooney Ruby Wedding Anniversary 22.02.04
Union of Catholic Mothers
Marriage of Irene Barbary and John Mackesy 20.4.2002
Maura and Jim Hughes Golden Wedding Anniversary Aug 2003
Elisa Leonardi RIP
Norbert Sommerfeld & Family RIP
Maurice & Rose Anne Walsh RIP
The Gatter Family
Patrick John Lacey RIP
Lloyd Bougounčau RIP
Hazel & Andrew McCrystal Diamond Wedding 2002
Colleen & David Lacey
Frederick Parker RIP
Archibald Rigamonti-Jones RIP
James Henderson Clark RIP
Francis & Joan Butler
Jack & Clivia Garvin
Fulford-Brown Grandchildren
James Patrick Christie RIP
Marija & Nazzareno Borg RIP
Witold Leszczynski RIP
Bill Bradley & Family 2004
Grace & Len Peach Silver Wedding 1998
James Clark RIP
Joseph and Gertrude Glennon Ruby Wedding Anniversary 31st August 2003
Deceased members of the Lacey & McGovern Families
Saskia Velvet Skye - for all the joy you bring
Ken Sen Sehinson RIP 1915-2000
Mrs. Kenny & Family
Mary Sleigh RIP
Hugh Hannon RIP
Anonymous donation
James Bullock RIP
Juliet Anita Afful
Ann & Raymond Evans
Paul, Lucy, Martin & Chantal Colairo 2004
Ted Dennis RIP
Liam Bonham
Oakname Services Limited
St. Bartholomew's Ascent Group
Mario Rodrigues RIP - for his love of music
The Daly Family
Donald & Alice Jones RIP
John & Cecilia McCarthy RIP
Mary & Joseph Vassallo Ruby Wedding Anniversary 27.2.05
Maria & Nazzareno Borg RIP
Adelina & Anthony Vassallo RIP
Dominic Rodrigues, RIP
Gordon Price RIP
The Parishioners of St. Bartholomew's Norbury
In Thanksgiving (Timmins)
Rev Neil Stead & Tony Stead RIP
Charles Pereira RIP
Gill & Tony Rivers and Family
Thaddeus Richard Allen RIP
Adrian, Brian, Maria and Alfred Fernandes
Tim & Maureen O'Donoghue - Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary
All the Aleppo Family
Welfare and happiness of Elizabeth, Tony, Matthew, David and Sarah Price
The Mansi Family
The Cieloch Family
Monique Gaze - In thanks for music at St. Bartholomew's
Mary Houlihan RIP
To the Glory of God
Winifred & James Clark RIP
Winifred & Patrick Parkes RIP
Peter & Ida Sequeira - In thanksgiving for our Ruby Wedding Anniversary 2004
Joe and Celia Ferry RIP
Eileen Steiert
Daphne Murtagh - Happy memories of Choir days
St. Bartholomew's Choirs - thank you
Sheila & David Price, their children and grandchildren
William Menezes RIP
Welfare Mario, Charlotte and Richard Menezes
In Thanksgiving (Elvira Menezes & Family)
Towards a pipe I would have called ‘Founder’s Pipe’ (Anne Rowntree)
Colin Stanley RIP
Patrick & Mary Mooney, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland
In appreciation of Choir Mistress Anne Rowntree
Frank & Eileen Kelsall Ruby Wedding 2004
In thanksgiving for all the graces which my family and my office received from the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady
In Thanksgiving for favours received
Chris and Nicki Price & Family
Patrick Lake 9th October 1992 - 5th April 1993
Gordon de Waal & William Hastie RIP
In Thanksgiving (McDonagh Family)
In memory of my deceased relatives and friends
In memory of Robert Ivan Foster RIP
In thanksgiving for the Faith passed to me by my dear mother, Ellen Foster
"Our" beloved MC, devoted husband, Father, Grandfather, Philip Cowie - Cowie Family
In loving memory of Patrick John Hopkins - music lover to the last
In loving memory of Augustus Ennis-Bailey, a devoted Husband, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather
In loving memory of Grace Ashdown
All members of the Horsman and Scanlon Families
The Griffin Family
The Metropolitan Police Male Voice Choir
Tony Elaine Molly and Ciara McGing
Blanche and Arthur Carter RIP
Joseph Patrick Abreo RIP
In thanksgiving for a caring Mother and Father - Kevin McCrystal
Joe and Danielle Lemince
Welfare of Albert, Rosy, Richard and Ronnie Rego
Noel and Eileen Dunne Ruby Wedding June 2004
Andy and May Byrne (RIP) and the Byrne Family
Lil and John Armstrong (our welfare)
Past and present members of the Polyphony Choir
In memory of Fred Doidge, RIP
Phyllis and Peter Fleming Golden Wedding June 2004
Julian, Simon, John & Irene Reynolds
Father James Carolin, MA RIP
The Polyphony Choir and all its members, past present and future
In loving memory: Felix McRory
Jordan Desa, Marissa Desa, Margaret Desa, James Desa
The Jaszczuk Family
Johnny Middleton - our baby boy
The Madden family
The welfare and happiness of Father Michael Jones, Parish Priest 1993-2004
In thanksgiving for music in the parish
In thanksgiving for the gift of music
27th Streatham Brownie Guides
Mrs. Jeannette Da Silva
Karen & Li Tai Leong & Family
St. James the Great School
In memory of J.K. Czarnecki
In loving memory of Christopher Czarnecki
In loving memory of John Joseph Murphy who loved music so much. From Bridie, Gerard and Martine
In loving memory of Mary Taylor from Bridie, Gerard and Martine
In loving memory of my beloved Mum and Dad, Olinda and John Vas
Shirley and David Pattinson & Family
In Thanksgiving (The Davies Family)
Chris & Jim Clark
Father Charles Caruana SJ, RIP
The Catechists and Holy Communion Groups
In loving memory of Tom Hayes
In memory & thanksgiving for the life of Pope John-Paul II
Welfare and happiness of Irena Czarnecki