St. Bartholomew's Polyphony Choir


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St. Bartholomew's is fortunate in having a rich musical tradition. In addition to the Polyphony Choir, there are two other choirs:

Plainchant Choir

The Plainchant Choir sings at the 11.30am Mass on the third Sunday of every month. The music, accompanied by the organ, is the traditional Gregorian Chant of the Catholic Church together with traditional hymns. Latin Plainchant is the true music of the Catholic Church, as exhorted by Vatican II. They have a short practice from 7.30-8pm in the Choir gallery on the Tuesday before the Sundays they sing.

Hymn Choir

The Hymn Choir sings at the 11.30am Mass on the 4th Sunday of each month. It offers the simple setting of the English chant Mass and traditional Catholic hymns accompanied by the organ. There are no rehearsals, and singers are welcome to join the choir as and when they wish.